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Out Dated Danforth old style anchor


Most old traditional Boat Anchors like the Danforth (pictured above) are typically clumsy to use and difficult to set. They often fail to hold the boat in strong wind and currents, especially in sand and sea grass. Old Style Anchors are Big, Heavy and overly Complicated with moving parts added over the years to try overcome poor performance and improve effectiveness. The addition of moving parts made the anchors noisy and awkward with the risk of fingers being squashed within the hinges. They are also typically bulky and difficult to retrieve.

Boaters took these for granted as being the only styles of anchor available. Now with the advent of Computer Aided Design and Modern Technology, designers have been able to innovate and improve on anchor design. The result is smarter One-Piece anchors with Greater Setting and Holding Power which not only look better they work more effectively and have a list of other attributes as well.

Enter the new Generation of Smart Boat Anchors (TM)


New Slider Series Anchors

We stock a wide range of all the New types of Boat Anchor Available. Whether you have a 2 metre Kayak or 80 foot Super Yacht, we can source, supply and advise of all the anchoring products your application needs. Getting the right Anchoring for your vessel is a formula that requires specialist knowledge. We also wholesale Electric Anchor Winches, Chain, Rope and Bow Roller Sprits.

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