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There are a lot of cheap winches out on the market, careful what you buy.

Quality features you want to have are:

No Gap between Drum and Frame - Having a gap between the drum and frame has the potential for rope and chain to get caught and tangled within the gap causing motor, gearbox and drum failure.

No Exposed Terminals! - If the wire and terminals are exposed, mixed with salt water and elements, they will corrode very quickly. Not to mention if someone drops metal over the terminals it will short-out, spark and potentially cause fire, especially if no circuit breaker fitted. Our Savwinches are fully sealed internal terminals, with nothing exposed to the outside elements other than the motor cable wires. This makes them more waterproof than other designs.

Australian Made - There are many cheap China Import winches being sold in Australia. Whilst no general problem with the concept of overseas imports and nothing against China, the difficulty is with regulation and overseeing winches are made to strict Australian Quality Control standards. Usually Chinese winches are made using cheaper materials, parts and construction methods. The result is a less reliable winch.

Gearbox Strength - Many of the Electric Anchor winches on the market have various types of gearbox construction. Some are metal or mild steel construction then painted. As everyone knows mild steel and salt water rust in absolutely no time at all. Paint is only a camouflage, it will flake off, rust and corrode in time. Internally some have metal gears, some brass and some plastic.

Our Savwinch have full Aluminium housing which doesn't rust. Additionally the internal gears are case hardened to make sure they last. This also means the Savwinch can be used without having to "tie-off" the rope on a sprit when in use. The internal gears are tough enough to use all in one.

Over-Rated - Different Winch Manufacturers and Sellers have Over-Rated the ability of the winch. Whether this is through over-stating the Wattage Power of the motor, saying its an 800 Watt where it's really a 600 Watt, or whether the winch will work on up to 8 Metre Boats where it will only truly work and be reliable on 6 Metre boats is something where the over-ratings will become apparent in time when the winch motor or gearbox fail.

Generally, if something looks too good to be true, it usually is.

We often get asked "How is it other places offer winches at half the price" ?

Our response to this is "You get what you pay for" ...

Beware Cheap Imitations, insist on the Best !

All Savwinch Electric Anchor Winches sold through our store and installed by us are 100% Australian Made. Quality Control Production Standards are overseen every day personally by Nick Savva himself. All winches are hand inspected, checked and certified to pass his strict quality control before being sent to customers. This ensures a incredibly low failure rate and winches are also correctly sized to their application.

If you really want the Best and Most Reliable electric anchor winch for your boat, which is correctly rated and sized to your application, with reliability and seamless performance, then it has to be a SAVWINCH.

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