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When I first got into boating I purchased a Danforth style anchor as this seemed to be what everyone was recommending and using. I found it terrible to use and lacking any real hook up performance or holding power so I ended up buying a Grapnel fold up Anchor and alternated between the two depending on sea bed.

Neither of these worked well at all ! They were very frustrating to use and often did not set or hold in the sand or weed grass. After a couple of years of putting up with this frustration and lack of performance I finally decided to do some research to find a better anchor than what was available from local stores.

I knew there had to be something out there that would perform better than these old type of anchors. I found the New Anchors on your website and purchased one. Within seconds of the first use the anchor hooked up and held the boat better than any anchor I had ever used before.

... " It just Set and Held, No Drag, No Troubles ! "          

Thinking it may have just been a fluke I decided to pull up the anchor and try setting again. Sure enough it just bit within seconds and held the boat strong within only metres of the drop point. Tried again and again through out the day and sure enoughdid exactly what was meant to do first time, every time !

Could this be true ? Could all my anchor problems and frustrations have been solved by this one simple anchor ? Yes sure enough it seems it has !

After a couple of weeks of owning, trialing and reviewing this anchor, I can definitely vouch to say this anchor works 100% like it claims to. I have been telling everyone I know in the boating world about this amazing anchor !

Thanks Awesome Anchors, I now see why you are called Awesome Anchors !

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